Light My Bricks- Disney Castle 71040 Light Bricks, Colore Bianca

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LEGO Disney Castle Light Kit – Bring the magical world of Disney to your home with the LEGO Disney Castle. This highly detailed LEGO model is a spectacle in itself, but when paired with our LEGO lighting kit, this charming model becomes a true wonderland. With an incredible array of external and internal lights, with flashing effects and multicoloured lighting, the LEGO Disney Castle is one of our largest lighting kits available! Light My Bricks LEGO Lighting Kits provide an easy way for LEGO fans to customize their models using LED lights. With detailed, step-by-step instructions, anyone can light up their LEGO set. All our kits are plug and play – no electronics knowledge needed! THIS KIT CONTAINS: 6 x LED Strip Lights (White) 2 x LED Strip Lights (Multi-Colour) 28 x Bit Lights (White) 5 x Connecting Cables – 15 cm 3 x Connecting Cables – 5 cm 3 x Connecting Cables – 30 cm 2 x Connecting Cables – 50 cm 2 x 6-Port Expansion Boards 3 x 12-Port Expansion Boards 2 x Flicker Effects Board 20 x Adhesive Squares 1 x Multi-Colour LED Light String 1 x 6-Port Expansion Board 3 x 12-Port Expansion Board 2 x LEGO Fire Torches with LED installed 1 x USB Power Cable 20 x Adhesive Squares 39 x Assorted LEGO pieces for assembly IMPORTANT NOTE This lighting kit is powered by a USB Power Bank or USB Power Adaptor (to connect to a mains outlet), which is NOTincluded in this kit. If you do not have a USB Power Bank, you can purchase them from our Powering section. INSTALLATION GUIDE User guide instructions for our kits can be found on the Users Guides section of our website.

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